Repairs and Upgrades

Repairing your computer or laptop doesn't have to cost the earth and most problems are possible to remedy. You don't always need to consider buying a new machine when things go wrong as what you currently have can most likely be repaired. 

Upgrading hardware or software to something more up to date is often a cheaper alternative to buying new equipment and can save you money.

Viruses and Spyware can be pesky things and cause all sorts of problems including slowing down your computer and sharing your personal information.
Removing them is highly recommended for safety and privacy.

If your computer is running slow or you feel it could do with an upgrade our engineers are on call to advise and provide you with a solution.
Most older computers can be upgraded to increase speed and performance for very little money however with the current price of new components, you may be very surprised at just how low the price of a new system can cost.

We can custom build a new computer to meet your requirements at competitive prices and can often beat major retailers on price and product giving you the customer piece of mind that you have a system that is state of the art and fully upgradable as technology advances.
You are also able to choose everything you want your computer to have from the case, graphics capabilities, memory and storage.
You can even choose what tower case you would like to have!

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